Amazon launches New Messaging System – Workmail

Amazon launches New Messaging System – Workmail

AWS launches New Messaging System – Workmail

Amazon has announced that it will be launching AWS Workmail to compete with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s Apps product suite. It is planned to release in US East and Europe (Ireland) regions.

Following are the features that Workmail may support –

  1. Operating Systems like OSX, Windows, Linux, Andriod
  2. Email client like Outlook
  3. Data storage in choice of region to address sovereignty reasons
  4. ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 certifications
  5. Data encryption, Virus Scanning and Mobile device support
  6. Price as low as USD 4 per mailbox for 50GB storage.

Workmail will also offer migration tools that will migrate email content from Office 365 and might introduce Journaling features in near future.

Can it still challenge Microsoft?

Microsoft today offers proven messaging solution, is a leader and clearly far ahead than Google. It offers –

  1. Hybrid Messaging system
  2. Datacenters all over the world
  3. Leading datacenter and security certifications
  4. Bundled offerings like Instant Messaging, Unified Messaging, Office Productivity suite and Sharepoint
  5. World class Identity solutions – Cloud/Federated Identities
  6. Migration Support
  7. Multiple Office 365 Plans to chose from
  8. Features like – Journaling, Public Folders, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Virus Scanning


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