How to change Azure AD MFA authentication type?

How to change Azure AD MFA authentication type?

How to change Azure AD MFA authentication type?

Azure AD supports login to Platform using Multi-Factor Authentication or two-factor authentication system.

What is MFA?

MFA allows user to login to Azure system using a password and a trusted device. The trusted device can authenticate via –

  1. Call to your registered mobile number
  2. Call to Office Desk
  3. Call to alternate mobile number
  4. Text Message to registered mobile number
  5. Authenticate via Microsoft Authenticator App

On most occasions I am okay with getting the text message on my Phone but it becomes problem when I travel or have problem with my Telecom operator. Below are the steps to configure / default your MFA option –

1.  Login to with your Azure AD Login ID, Password + current MFA.

a. Please ensure that your Administrator has enabled MFA on your account.

2. Click on your name in top-right corner and Select Profile

3. Now click on Additional Security Verification

3. On this screen, please key in the desired options details. I have entered the Authentication Phone and configured my Authenticator App on my mobile phone.

4. I have also selected preferred option as “verification code from App”

The settings here can be used to configure your Multi-factor authentication options and change your preference.

How to configure Authenticator App –

  1. On your smart-phone download “Microsoft Authenticator App”
  2. Once done, click on “Configure” as shown on the screen above
  3. Either Scan the QR code to manually enter the code that is listed on the portal
  4. Continue with rest of the process to successfully configure your Microsoft Authenticator Application

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