Configure WSUS

Configure WSUS

Configure WSUS

Windows Server Update Services [WSUS] is used to patch Microsoft Servers, workstations and applications like Office Suite, Exchange Server, System Center products etc. I am building my lab and it is necessary for me to keep all the servers updated and hence I need to configure WSUS. Below are the steps of configure WSUS in lab and Production environment.

Launch Server Manager and in the Roles, select Windows Server Update Services


Install the Windows Integrated Database to store WSUS configuration


Select the location where WSUS should store the download Microsoft updates, I have selected C:\WSUS in my environment. Ensure that disk has sufficient disk space (minimum 20GB) depending on your Product types and classifications you select (shown below). Also ensure that you have ability to expand the hard disk if required.


Continue rest of the WSUS installation with default steps and finish the installation.


Once WSUS is added asWindows Server Roles, launch WSUS console and configure the content download path, as shown below


Next screen, you configure if updates are to be downloaded from Microsoft directly or from another WSUS server


Next select the update language, Products and Classifications.




Next set the Automatic or manual Synchronization schedule


You now need to set Automatic approvals, so that updates are downloaded and approved automatically.




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