Exchange 2013 – What’s New in Transport Rules

Exchange 2013 – What’s New in Transport Rules

Exchange 2013 released with multiple changes and enhancements. Some of the features got depreciated and roles got consolidated.

Rule that based on certain conditions delivers email over TLS was eye-catching.

Below are some of the changes in Transport Rules:

Few New Features are:

  • Action: RouteMessageOutboundRequireTLS – Required TLS encryption when delivering email to recipient domain. If TLS is not supported, message gets rejected and not delivered.
  • Action: GenerateIncidentReport – Generates Incident Report for email that is sent to SMTP address. The Action gives option to include “Original Email”  if required.
  • Action: NotifySender – If an email doesn’t satisfy DLP policies then the Action can be set to either route email message normally with notification to sender or reject the message with information to sender.
  • Predicates: SenderIPRanges – It is used to detect messages coming from a specific IP ranges and take necessary action thereafter.


Complete details can be found on below TechNet Article:




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