Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I have been looking to working Azure and AWS simultaneously and often get lost between the terms used in Azure and AWS. I think if one knows logical functionality of one then managing other should not be a problem. Anyway, below is the few common terms that are used in Azure and AWS and will be used for comparison purposes. I

IaaS Resources: Compute

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure
General Purpose (T2, M3) General Purpose (A-Series)
Compute Optimized (C3,C4)


Compute Optimized (A11)

Network Optimized (A9)

Memory Optimize (R3) Compute Optimized (D-Series)
Storage Optimized (I2) Storage Optimized (DS / GS Series)
Dense Storage Performance Optimized

IaaS Resources: Storage

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure
 S3 Object Storage Block Blob
 EBS Block Storage Page Blob
Glacier Archival Azure Backup
Supports Import/Export  Supports Import / Export

IaaS Resources: Network

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network (VNet)
VPN Point-to-Site, Site-to-Site
Direct Connect Express Route
Elastic Load Balancer Traffic Manager / Azure Load Balancer
Route 53 Azure DNS and Traffic Manager
Elastic IP Reserved IP
Security Group Network Security Group
Availability Zones Availability Sets

Few others

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure
Dynamo DB Azure Tables
Elasti Cache Azure Cache
Redshift SQL Data Warehouse
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory
Cloud Watch Azure Monitoring
Code Deploy Visual Studio Online
EC2 Instances Virtual Machines
Cloud Formation Azure Resource Manager Templates
Beanstalks Azure WebApp / Worker Roles
Amazon Glacier Azure Backup
CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN)
None Azure Site Recovery
Cloud Trail Azure Operational Insights
Workmail Office 365

I will continue to update this list as I know of more features on Azure and AWS.

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