Monitor using Azure Log Analytics (OMS) – Part 1

Monitor using Azure Log Analytics (OMS) – Part 1

Monitor using Azure Log Analytics (OMS)

Azure Log Analytics is Azure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering from Microsoft that provides detailed monitoring of Azure resources and Infrastructure running on On-premise or any other Cloud. Azure Log Analytics also integrated with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012 R2 for providing consolidated view of monitored items.

Below are the various Solutions of Azure Log Analytics –

  1. Agent HealthMonitors health of the Azure Log Analytics Agent on Windows and Linux hosts
  2. AD AssessmentProvides health of Active Directory environments
  3. Alert ManagementSingle console for Operations Manager and Log Analytics alerts
  4. Application Insights Connector (Preview)Provides Applications performance visibility
  5. Azure Networking Analytics (Preview)Provides Network Security Group and Application Gateway logs
  6. Change TrackingTracks configuration changes across servers
  7. ContainersProvides Docker Container performance metrics and logs from Public and Private Cloud environments
  8. Network Performance MonitorOffers near realtime monitoring of network performance parameters like loss and latency
  9. Security and AuditProvides the ability to explore security related data and helps identify security breaches
  10. Azure Site RecoveryMonitors Virtual Machine replication status
  11. Surface HubMonitors surface hub devices
  12. VMware AnalyticsMonitors ESXi host logs and provides detailed monitoring, analysis and trending
  13. Activity Log AnalyticsTracks Create, Update and Delete activities in Azure subscriptions
  14. AD Replication StatusIdentifies AD replication issues in the Active Directory environment
  15. Antimalware AssessmentView status of antivirus and anti-malware scans across servers
  16. Azure Automation AnalyticsCreate Hybrid Runbook workers to run Automation runbooks on your on-premises servers
  17. BackupManage Azure IaaS VM backup and Windows server backup status for your backup vault
  18. Upgrade AnalyticsUses data-driven approach to streamline and accelerate Windows upgrades
  19. Key Vault AnalyticsAnalyzes logs of Key Vault and understands the usage
  20. Office 365 AnalyticsGet full visibility into Office 365 user activities, perform forensics as well as audit and compliance 
  21. Service Fabric AnalyticsIdentify and troubleshoot issues across Service Fabric clusters
  22. SQL AssessmentAssess the risk and health of SQL Server environments
  23. Update ManagementIdentify and Orchestrate the installations of missing system updates

In the first part of this article, we will see setting up Log Analytics service in Azure, connect Azure Virtual Machines to it and connect different solutions that are shown above for detailed monitoring –

1. Login and to Azure Portal and create a new Log Analytics service


2. Now, go to your Log Analytics account, click on Settings then on Quick Start and then on Azure virtual machines (VMs), in the next screen you would see the Virtual Machines that are even outside of the Resource Group of the Log Analytics account


3. Click on the VMs that you want monitor using Log Analytics and then click on Connect


4. On the Log Analytics page, click on OMS Portal and then click on Solutions Gallery to add the various Solutions offered by Azure (Shown in beginning of this article), and add the solutions that are needed.

In this article we will be adding only the sample Solutions to gather some report



loganalytics-5We have added few more Solutions such as Update Management to gather more reports in the dashboard.


In the next article we will see more detailed reporting using Azure Log Analytics and installing Log Analytics agent on non-Azure machine and its alerts.


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